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Renovation and Restoration

Some older homes have so many coats of paint put on over the years that traditional painting cannot restore its original beauty. Scraping, sanding and painting simply cannot hide the layers that have accumulated over time. These layers of paint often contain lead which can cause health concerns. Removal of old paint eliminates potential health risks and restores the beauty of your home.

Paint Removal

Gibb Painting uses state of the art technology for removal of old paint, greatly reducing time and risk to you and your home. The Silent Paint Remover is an ultraviolet paint remover that is a safer, more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional paint removal tools. Since it uses low heat, no dangerous fumes are released into the atmosphere. All layers come off in one treatment, eliminating the sanding process that spreads lead dust into the air. While paint removal is a more expensive option in the short term, it can save money in the long run. It can expose potential problems such as rot that can be repaired before becoming a much more costly problem. Taking the trim of a house back to raw wood allows all joints and seams to be resealed properly, creating a longer lasting and more vibrant paint job.

Decorative Painting
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